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Welcome to my website! I am eager to share with you what I am passionate about and to provide you with an outline of some of my services which might be helpful to you.

I have many interests which can be collected under a few headings. I am very interested in leadership – what it means and how it is practiced. I have been studying it, teaching it, writing about it and coaching leaders for well over twenty years.

I am also deeply interested in ethics and decision-making. Why do we make certain decisions, what influences us, and how do we select between competing options? My nearly ten years in Artificial Intelligence ignited my interest in decision-making. My twenty years of study in comparative ethics excites me with continued curiosity in our decision-making strategies.

Finally, and my no means least, I love to study religious and wisdom traditions and different cultures. I have lived on three continents and in several countries and taught in over fourteen countries. The world fascinates me and I see myself as a citizen of the universe.

My interests come together in my seminars, workshops and trainings outlined in this website. I hope you might take the time to browse the website and contact me to see how we might work together in the future. I am always available for open and life-giving discussions.


Annabel Beerel, PhD

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