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Listen to what Annabel has to say about her new book –

Mindfulness: a better me; a better you; a better world.


My website includes information on my consulting approach, the seminars I offer, and my speaking engagements along with articles and discussions on important current topics and events.

My website also includes articles, notes and blogs on a variety of topics most of which are in some way connected to Leadership. Since I meet many interesting people almost every day, and since I hear, learn and have many ideas on all kinds of matters, I feel obliged to share my thoughts with others. I am eager to get feedback and to learn from others reactions to my writings, so please do engage with me. In this way we can learn together.

There are always new developments and ideas that will be posted on the website – so please do check in often to see what is new.

Annabel at iRobot Presentation

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