Annabel Beerel

Executive Coaching

Annabel Beerel – Ethical Leadership Consulting


DSC_7578 (Mobile)Annabel provides executive consulting sessions for both individual and executive team development. The focal point of all consultation is to enhance your capacity to read and respond to new realities and to adapt to change thereby becoming a more thoughtful and effective decision maker.

Our work together results in enhanced performance, greater fulfillment in your personal and professional life, and greater personal wisdom. In the course of our engagement, you will learn how to find new perspectives in the way you engage in the world. You will gain insights into how you take up your authority; how you exercise leadership; the roles you typically play, and your potential for further development.

Together we analyze the systems of which you are part, and you learn techniques for reading your environment and the group dynamics of your organization in new ways.

We focus on your presentation and communication skills and address those areas that inhibit your ability to communicate your potential.

In the process of addressing the specific issues you are facing we devise a Personal Strategic Plan that outlines the desired adaptive and technical work that will help you with both your business management and personal development tasks.

We work together on leadership strategies aimed at achieving predetermined goals, and we devise barometers for analyzing your interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional intelligence. Our sessions will be a combination of intellectual rigor and emotional stretch – punctuated by good humor.


  • How to read the environment and see the big picture
  • How to reframe issues
  • The roles of leadership and authority and where you stand
  • Personal role analysis
  • How to enhance self-awareness and reflection
  • The mental models you use
  • How to manage up
  • Presentation and communication effectiveness


  • Regular two hour sessions at the time and place of your convenience.
  • A monthly report on your progress.
  • A one year Personal Strategic Plan.
  • Where appropriate, 360 degree feedback.

For more information contact Annabel Beerel at 781-771-566