Annabel Beerel


So the New Year has come and gone. You want to live your life more fully, more attentively, and from a more empowered place. Now you simply need a little more inspiration to redirect your life and a gentle nudge to get you to claim who you are; what it is you stand for, and what you really want out of life. This is the beginning of a new future.This seminar is for you! This seminar is about finding clarity regarding who you really are and your true purpose in life. This seminar will also help you align your employees to the values your organization wants to hold onto in these challenging times. This seminar is about shoring up your confidence and finding your authentic leadership style. This seminar is about you!

DSC_7561In this seminar through discussion and exercises we discuss “CLEAR,” a mnemonic that encapsulates the key issues that help us lead a life of personal leadership and personal clarity. CLEAR stands for Courage; Leadership; Ethics; Authority and Role.

CLEAR explores –

  • Clarity around what it is we fear and our ability to be courageous and make difficult choices from a place of inner freedom – Courage.
  • Clarity about our ability to face our current reality and to embrace the many new realities that continuously arrive and challenge our current way of being in the world – Leadership.
  • Clarity about our values; how we prioritize them; how we live them, and how they influence our decisions – Ethics.
  • Clarity with regard to our attitudes toward those who have authority over us; our dependence on others to control our lives, and our ability to find our own inner authority – Authority.
  • Clarity about the roles we play in any system; those we consciously take on and those roles the system recruits us into – Role.

Seminar Facilitator: Annabel Beerel, MBA, Ph.D. – professor, author, seminar leader. Founder of N.H. Women’s Leadership Summit.

For registration – email Annabel using our Contact Us Form or send check to Annabel Beerel, Ethical Leadership Consulting, 297 Willis Road, Sudbury, MA 01776


  • This seminar exceeded all expectations! I was feeling stuck and now I feel empowered!
  • Helped me think outside of the box and understand the importance of living my values!
  • I loved this seminar. I wish it had been a full day! I learned so much about myself.
  • I came away from this seminar inspired and more hopeful than I could have ever imagined.
  • Annabel Beerel frames the concept of “new realities” as those truths that are bombarding us all the time. She illuminates a practice whereby each of us can step with courage into seeing these new realities as they are — neither deferring action nor avoiding their import. In so doing, we change ourselves, adapting and transforming and becoming what we’ve always longed to be: The leaders of our lives.
  • Excellent seminar. Very helpful for team building and enhancing communications.
  • A very inspiring, engaging and thought provoking seminar with guidelines for immediate application.
  • I was told this seminar was very good and it lived up to my expectations and way more!
  • Thank you so much – this was a wonderful Christmas gift to myself!